June 27, 2011

-image-“hey girl”

By George Benson.

This is to distract you from the lack of posts. I have house guests, you see. Although now that I’ve mentioned the lack of posts, that’s all you’ll think about so maybe I should mention something like peanut butter cup cheesecake to re-distract you from the lack of posting. Although I just mentioned it again so now this post is turning into a kind of verbal Escher drawing and we’re all trapped in it forever and I don’t even know how I did that.

So let’s move on, despite the impossibility of that ever really happening.

Now I hates me the cheesy YouTube videos, but I love this song. He is so damn smooth and the phrasing is gorgeous. MB and I saw him in concert several years ago at an outdoor venue and I tell you true: He sounds just as perfect in person. It was uncanny. He looks perfect and ageless and sounds perfect and ageless and he’s basically some kind of smooth-singing, guitar-strumming Dorian Gray which is the only conclusion a reasonable person can reach here.

Again, yes, moving on. Told you it was impossible.

Did you know this is Ray Charles’ favorite song? S’true.

Just listen. Smoooooth.

Like this post.

June 23, 2011

-image-“best anniversary ever”

A friend sent me this link saying she could picture us doing something like this.


And, frankly, I’m kind of jealous because I really really want the item in question.

June 21, 2011

-image-“in hope of changing their fate”

A painting by Amanda Blake, an artist whose work I just love.

I love the longing and mystery infused in all of her work. I could stare at this forever and come to different conclusions every other moment. Gorgeous. (I could have made a smaller file, but I didn’t want to. The details, the details …..)


June 16, 2011

-image-the negotiator, part deux


ME: Banshee Boy?

ME: Banshee Boy?

ME: Banshee?

ME: Boy?

ME: Uhh …….. you okay?

ME: Why are you looking at me like that?

ME: Why?

ME: What did I do to you?

ME: I fed you.

ME: I burped you.

ME: I haven’t even touched your diaper and made you scream. Yet.

ME: Why? Tell me. WHY??

BB: Tee Tee.

ME: Yes!

BB: Why you lef at me?

ME: What??

BB: You lef at me. I hear you. You lef and say my fes is round “like a circle.” Dees is vhat you say.

ME: Well ……….

BB: Your verds, dey make me feel deesmay and de gobsmacked.

ME: Deesmay and de gobsmacked?

BB: Dat is vhat I say, Tee Tee.

ME: I’m sorry.

BB: Please to leef me alone to process dees feelings.

ME: Okay.

BB: Please to leef my binky.

ME: Sure.

BB: You go now.

ME: Right. I go now.


I love this quote and find it comforting whenever I’m tempted to compare myself to Susie So and So.

Each one of us is something that the other is not, and therefore knows something — it may be without knowing he knows it — which no one else knows, and it’s everyone’s business, as one of the kingdom of light and inheritor in it all, to give his portion to the rest.

~ George MacDonald

June 12, 2011

-image-“diagnosis wenckebach”

So I now do medical editing using voice recognition software and a whole mess of other high tech gizmos and gidgees that I barely understand. Essentially, I’m reminded on a daily basis what a dummypants I am. Still, I get to endure this daily assault on my ego in privacy of my own home, so that’s cool, but I’m basically a doctor now and I don’t make a doctor’s income, which is less cool.

Last week doing research on the job, I found, finally, the cardiac condition I was looking for — something called “Wenckebach.” It’s some kind of block in your heart and it’s pretty no bueno and that’s all you need to know for our purposes here, because the really important thing here is that during this research, I found a YouTube video on this whole Wenckebach dealio made by med students at the University of Alberta as a study aid of sorts. It’s called “Diagnosis Wenckebach” and it’s a spoof of Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back.”

I am seriously in love with all of these med students.

Diagnosis Wenckebach
Ever since we started on this cardiac
I’ve turned into a hypochondriac
I’m all filled up with those sclerotic plaques

Just watch it. You don’t have to understand a thing. It’s a thing a beauty, if you ask me.

“Them other rhythms don’t know how to act.”

I don’t know. I can’t stop laughing.

June 8, 2011

-image-“marie a. — casual friday”

Something I did a while ago. I’d misplaced it, but I found it again. Posting for MB, who really likes this one.


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June 3, 2011


ME: She looks like an old-timey clothespin.

HE: I’ll be a few minutes.
ME: It’s okay. I can wait. I’m not 2.
(a pause)
ME: I’m more like 3.

HE: He’s better when he’s not trying to be impressive.
ME: People are rarely at their best when they’re trying to be impressive.
HE: True.
ME: That’s why I’m so great.
HE: Oh?
ME: I am totally unimpressive.
HE: Oh, I see your plan there.

HE: Facebook messes with the established social order of high school. It’s wrong.

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