February 15, 2005

-image-no title — I’m just that lazy

Because I’m a lazy, lazy girl and a bad hen, I’m doing a rerun. And furthering my bad henny-ness, it’s not even my own rerun, but Jeff Goldstein’s from Protein Wisdom. I’m just extremely taken with his conversations with inanimate objects from back in June 2004. Now, I suppose they’re R rated. So if you’re gonna get all squinchy, don’t say I didn’t warn you. But I’m willing to guarantee you the giggles — so much so that if you don’t get a severe case of aforementioned giggles, I will make you some, oh, maple oatmeal scones (neither dry and crumbly nor hockey pucky), or …. or coconut butter cream cupcakes or …. Jello . (You must monitor your giggles on the honor system, peeps.)

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