July 3, 2012


You absolutely must go see the gorgeous fairy mobile roo has made. It’s magical.

We all need more beauty in our lives, right? Well, get a gander at the beauty she’s created. You’ll be glad you did.

She’s giving it to some friends with a new baby and, for the record, I shall now be stalking them. Just for the mobile. That’s all I want, people. Hand it over and we’ll have no problems.

July 29, 2008


It was either a picture of my blue-and-purple sausage pinkie or this utterly gorgeous dress from Anna Maria Horner. After some soul searching — and hitting the pinkie AGAIN (I don’t wanna talk about it) — I decided on the dress:


Hm. I notice you can’t see the model’s fingers. I wonder if she has sausage pinkie too.

Still …. the sheer beauty of this dress actually makes me glad it’s summer. Momentarily.

June 26, 2008

-image-please, i want this

Look at this sofa from La Maison Coloniale. I want it. I even want that statue of Hammurabi or whoever in the background. I want to lie on this sofa in my maison coloniale somewhere in jungles of Thailand and eat pad thai and look at my statue of Hammurabi or whoever.

My needs are simple really.


June 8, 2008

-image-lotta love

For Scandinavian designer Lotta Jansdotter, that is. She’s been on my radar for a while now and I love her fresh, spare, natural designs. Beautiful simplicity.

I’m currently hankering for these:



And this makes me want to wear an apron all the time — look at the cute crossover back:

March 1, 2007

-image-pretty, pretty

Guess I just really like this silhouette. These all have a similar shape, don’t they? But look at the layers on that black one. Fabulous.




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