June 21, 2012

-image-icon mashup — “frida marie”

So I was working on a little Marie Antoinette painting recently and it just went horribly south. I started swearing like a sailor — which was clearly just a manifestation of my latent Tourette’s because I’m an angel, as we all know — and in frustration, grabbed a thick black pen and drew giant Frida Kahlo eyebrows across poor Marie’s face.

It was impulsive, born of irritation (and Tourette’s), with no basis in reason whatsoever. There was no thought behind it other than the thought of ruining something utterly past fixing so I could just stop being annoyed with it already.

But then, well …… I liked it. I did. Kinda made me laugh just because it was so silly. Happy accidents, as they say.

Now I see it as a weirdly whimsical style icon meets style icon mashup and I can’t stop creating weird little Frida Maries.


February 15, 2012

-image-the cereal hoarder

Based on a true story, uhm …… me, circa age 7 ……. obsessed with cereal. And large bowls. And small spoons.

Small spoons make things last longer, you see.

(Of course, if you’ve essentially taken ALL the cereal, that should last you a good while regardless of spoon size, kid.)

January 18, 2012


One of Original Banshee’s favorites. She was fascinated by the pinkish eyes and hair and the “floating fringey stuff,” she said. She declared her to be Rose, so Rose she is.


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August 15, 2011

-image-painting – planning – thought =

Well, I don’t know what. This girl, I guess. Random background painted with my fingers. Rough figure drawn. Face painted with oil paintsticks and rubbed into existence. All very messy and scribbley and directionless, actually.

But I kinda like her.


Below is the image as it scanned the first time around. It went into the scanner straight, scanned like this with no help from me, and in some ways, I actually like it more. Happy accidents:


She’s weird. I have no context for her. Can’t tell you where she came from or what she means.

She just is. Whatever she is, she is.

June 8, 2011

-image-“marie a. — casual friday”

Something I did a while ago. I’d misplaced it, but I found it again. Posting for MB, who really likes this one.


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January 30, 2011

-image-queen of the new year 2010

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Rosette, The Queen of the New Year 2010. As suggested by Original Banshee. (Yes, last year.)

The backstory.

On New Year’s Day of 2010, we were up at my brother’s house, eating, hanging out, etc. I took my entire “Club of Curious Friends” girls to show them to my sister-in-law who had asked about them, but Original Banshee caught a glimpse and just freaked out — in a good way — at the sight of them. She immediately began talking in all capital letters.


“Well, they’re some girls I painted.”


“Thanks, sweetie.”


“Aw, thanks, Banshee.”


“Well, the animals are their friends.”


“Yep. I know.”


“Thank you.”


My sister-in-law interjected. “Banshee, if Tee Tee says yes, you need to be very very careful with them, okay?”


She was just so ramped up. Could not modulate herself. While I love that about her, I also wondered if I should check her vital signs because I’m a caring and diligent aunt that way. Her eyes were spinning around like pinwheels in a gale force wind. She was breathing in fits and starts. Basically, she was going to need to be institutionalized and lobotomized, all over The Club of Curious Friends.

Well, it is curious.

I sat and watched as, one by one, she held each painting like a feather on her palm and placed it on the carpet in front of us. She laid them out in three rows, adjusting each one until it was perfectly straight, perfectly lined up in the row. She is adorably OCD. I enjoy it because it’s her problem, you see, not mine. She continued speaking in all capital letters until her mom shushed her a bit, reminding her that Baby Banshee and other babies in a 53-mile radius were trying to nap.

“Tee Tee, do they have names?”

“Yep. Well, most of them. Some of them I haven’t named yet.”

“Do the animals have names?”

“Yep, they do too.”

She pointed to each girl and creature in turn, asking their names and didn’t spare me her candid opinion on each of the names.

“What’s her name?”


She wrinkled her nose and shook her head.

“No, Tee Tee.”


“I don’t like it.”

“Really? Okay. Tell me why.”

“Well, Tee Tee, Ursula is the mean lady in The Little Mermaid. She can’t be Ursula!”

“Oh, you know what? I didn’t even think about that. You’re right. She needs a new name.”

She glanced up at me with pleading blue eyes.

“Can I name her, Tee Tee? Pleeeeease, can I?”

Hm. I’m thinking no, actually. I mean, would I end up with Rosie Fallulah Flowerbeam or something?

Despite that thought, I heard the words “sure, sweetie” coming out of my mouth. Too late now. I can’t say no to those blue eyes. It’s dangerous.

She gently picked up “Ursula” and held her in her lap, staring intently at her.

Uh-oh. Here comes Cherry Gingerbread Poofadoo.

“She looks like a Phoebe.”


“Banshee! What a great name! I love it!”

“Really, Tee Tee?”

“Yeah. That’s perfect! She does look like a Phoebe.”

With that, the floodgates opened. The Banshee became a naming machine. She searched through my bag for the smallest drawings or the merest scraps of sketches and began proclaiming who they were. She was good at it too.
She even decided the narwhal in one of my unfinished Curious Friends paintings should be named Larry.

Larry the Narwhal. Perfect.

Late on that New Year’s afternoon we all went for a walk. The Banshee held my hand — a rare thing for her to hold anyone’s hand — and discussed The Club at length with me. Out of the blue, she exclaimed,”You should have a Queen of the New Year, Tee Tee!”

“That’s a good idea, Banshee. What would she be like?”

“Well, her dress would be pink and have flowers and she would have a crown and her name would be Rosette.”

So that’s who she is. She does not have a friend. She is not in The Club.

She is the Queen.

On New Year’s day of this year, the Banshee requested a new queen for 2011. All I can really remember of the truly dizzying details/parameters/commands set forth by Banshee for this new queen — which I swear involved armatures and slide projections at one point — is that her name will be Coral.

Coral, Queen of the New Year 2011.

Don’t tell The Banshee I’m procrastinating on Coral.

But, honestly, I’m a wee bit terrified.

July 7, 2010

-image-the appraising banshee


“Tee Tee, why is her hair like that?” says The Banshee.

“Well, I just like it, I guess.”

“Oh.” She stares at the girl I drew, then says, “Yeah. I do, too.”

“Really? Well, that’s good.”

Several seconds pass before she speaks again.

“I think her name is Butternut.”

“Oh? Okay.”

She runs her hand over the paper and stares at Butternut for a long time.

October 5, 2009

-image-“the hopeless incognito of antoine”

Okay. Another Hopeless Incognito girl based on Marie Antoinette. Uhm, obviously, I hope.

Actually, I’m showing you what I consider a screw-up. This is old, from several months ago. The blue background didn’t scan so well, which is probably just as well, because the blue paint didn’t take — I must have spilled some glaze or something next to the right arm there, so it’s just white. Uhm, I’m also not pleased with her dress — it’s collaged with papers and tissue and, eh, didn’t turn out the way I wanted. But, I have to say the whole tied-on fake mole thing pleases me because I find it so ridiculous. And I’m happy with her hair. I’ll think I’ll do more of these little “Antoines.” (Her nickname.) I think I can do better.

Still, here she is. Even though, shhhh, can’t see her, especially with that mole:


September 18, 2009

-image-geek angel

My scanner was broken.

I now have a new one.


February 9, 2009

-image-olive branch

I’d forgotten I’d drawn and scanned this a few months ago. I think I was mostly interested in creating the dress and then it sprouted a head and then it sprouted an olive branch and before I knew it, I had some poor big-headed girl basically apologizing for her very existence.

I feel ya, big head.

(Also: I don’t know where that dress came from, but it suits you somehow.)

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